Friday, May 9, 2008


Here are some things that have changed recently:

For starters, I've changed my list to be only what Anna's reading. It seems I'm the only one reading things anyway these days.

Sienna is no longer allowed outside, per me. I heard a terrible sound the other night followed by Fred running out into the yard. In my dreams it would've been her getting run over by a garbage truck - but instead it was her trying to maul a baby bunny. Fred swears she only got a little fur - I prefer to not know the truth. A week or so ago, she brought a mole up to the back porch. You! Inside, Now! Not that I particularly love having a dead-mole-mouthed cat around Elliot...

My computer password at work changed. Now, instead of typing in "Wendi" each morning, I have to type in "banana." Why banana? Why not!

What else has changed? I could talk about weather and the price of gas, but then once I post this all I'd hear is a collective groan. And I'd be joining you in that.

My peaceful and funny mornings have changed. This entire week my mornings have become a screaming death match between Elliot and whatever just made him mad. Some folks say these last until 3 years - I hope that isn't our case.

I wish I could change into jeans. But - at this job I don't get the luxury of wearing my Canadian Tuxedo on Fridays. Perhaps I should have thought harder about losing this perk when I left the City?

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