Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Definition of Normal

According to my pal Webster, normal means "conforming with, adhering to, or constituting a norm, standard, pattern, level, or type; typical."

According to myself, abnormal means "Elliot James."

This week started with the bovine disease. Then I find out he's still anemic and is now on a vitamin supplement until he's two. Friday, daycare called for me to come get him - he threw up and had a mild fever. Since last night at 6:30, he has slept a combined amount of 15 hours and is snoozing as I type. Perhaps I should check to make sure he's breathing...

According to myself, abnormal means "Freddie William."

He's running the half marathon tomorrow. I'm not sure what type of person finds it nearly as enjoyable as he does. Sure - it's a goal of mine to some day accomplish but I don't know that I'll be springing out of bed that morning to do it. (By the way - I will be out there cheering him on if anyone wants to join me!)

I could go on for days about how abnormal our cat is...

And we all know that I fit the bill of "normal" perfectly so there's no need to comment on that.

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