Sunday, May 4, 2008

Great Way to Start your day

I have to disagree with my wife's post, I think wanting to challenge yourself and see what your are capable of is completely normal. This morning's half-marathon did't go like I had planned. I really wanted to race the Full again this year but when I caught the Flu so bad late this winter it kept me from running for nearly 3 weeks, it was like starting my training all over again.

This year's race was bigger than ever with over 6,000 entrants. As always it was a blast. I am amazed at how small a town Lincoln can be sometimes as numerous people out cheering recognized me and yelled at me. What really makes this event special is how the city has grown to love it and the wacky things they do to cheer the runners. From Elvis at 16th & O to the Waiter handing out water on 48th, to the bearded Nun on 27th, Lincolnites of all shapes and sizes come out to cheer on the runners and watch the race. It truly is a sight to behold seeing 6,000 people all running through Lincoln, it's one of the greatest events in this city. Even for non-runners it's something that a lot of people look forward to each year as it brings people from all 50 states to our city for a weekend.

My race went OK, I started too far back in the pack and couldn't hit my pace until mile 3 or 4 due to all the congestion. So many walkers start at the front, that it really makes it frustrating when you constantly have to go around them in the first mile. I felt pretty good once I finally got going and finished only slightly slower than my goal. I ran the half in 1:49:19 which was 102 out of 256 people in my age group, I always say my goal is to finish in the top half of my age group, so I guess I succeeded there. The highlight of the day really might have been Elliot enjoying the medal once I got home.

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B said...

Way to go, Fred! We watched 4 little future runners in the Mayor's Run on Saturday morning...and also watched as Bill ran the mile with the boys..(now Anna, if Bill can do it...well you know the rest!)..anyway...keep up the good work, and I love the blog and your pics! Aunt B