Monday, May 12, 2008

Fits, Continued

A little behind-the-scene funny...

I got a few sign books at the library today to mostly figure out some of the signs he's been flashing us lately. I emailed Fred and said that maybe now Elliot will express his feelings via sign instead of thrashing. Fred's response?

You should have got one one how to sign: "Stop throwing a fit or daddy is going to sit you outside to live with the squirrels"



jimcin said...

grampa jim says:
fred was no angel but grampa bill and gramma ruth tamed him and steph both. Maybe its time for some gamma and gampa time. It does not matter I love you all!!!

B said...

I think he just needs Aunt B to force feed him some mashed potatoes...and then to spend a few hours with the wild bunch of grandkids...he'll have learned a few new signs from that! Love ya all....B