Friday, May 23, 2008

Kids and the Funny Things They Say

In Tecumseh last weekend, Ethan (age 5) and Alaina Morrissey (almost 3) were up at Aunt Cindy's house. (Cindy is Fred's mom.)

Lainey decided to figure out how everyone was related:
L - What's your name?
A - Anna.
L - What's your baby's name?
A - Elliot.
L - (Looking at Fred, then the baby, then Fred, then me) What's your baby daddy's name?

Ethan met Bubba (big clumsy and lovable dog) for the first time and talked to his dad (Bill) about it:
B - So what did you think of Bubba?
E - (Smiles)
B - Do you like Bubba?
E - Yes. I love him. We're already sleeping together and everything.


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