Sunday, May 25, 2008

Message from the Cat

Meow. (I'm pissed.)

Meeeow. (They left me on Friday and Saturday, alone, again.)
Meow... (So...)
Meoooow Meeow Meowww. Maw! (I threw up on the carpet in a few places. Ha!)

Meow... (Then...)
Meoow Meeowww Meooow! (There was a big storm.)
Meow Meow. (Knocked over the neighbor's fence.)
Meooooooooooooooow. (So now I have to stay inside.)

Meow... (So...)
Meoww meeeeow meoowww. (I ate through my bag of catfood.)
Meow Meow. (Hopefully that teaches them.)

Meow. (Love, Sienna)

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