Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Meet the Allergics, FKA the Seckmans

Original allergic family member: Anna
Non-allergic Rhinitis (or non-allergic Rhinocerous as Fred calls me) which essentially means I am allergic to changes in atmosphere. What bothers me? Smoke (of any kind), dust, perfume, humidity, etc.

Newly allergic family member: Fred
Yes, Fred. He finally went in today after suffering for 4 years. Turns out he's allergic to virtually all trees (and definately the big ash in our yard - come on Emerald Ash Borer!!) and weeds. And if that weren't enough - sprinkle on a few mold varieties while you're at it.

I guess he won't be making fun of my allergies any more. And if he thinks I'm mowing the yard he's got another thing coming. I suggest you double up on your pills and get your whiney butt ouside. The yard ain't gonna mow itself!

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