Monday, June 30, 2008

It's Official - I'm Irritated

... and I have the doctor's note to prove it.

I finally went to the doc last week to get my eye checked (I know, Dad, I know..) and while I was there had him look at a few other things. My eye is irritated. That's it. Other ailments were this weird rash on my back that he referred to as being irritated. And I had him check my throat since strep was going around and it was hurting. Did I have strep? Nope, just irritated.

I kind of like being officially irritated. Its like having an excuse to be cranky.

Other things that irritate me include (in no order):
1. The smell of baby powder. Gags me. Old man powder is gross too.
2. When someone breathes too close to me. Thanks Jen for convincing me I share air with a girl in Africa and if someone else breathes it she and I will both die.
3. One-uppers. You know, the people that have done that, seen that, heard that only theirs was better, faster or more expensive
4. VERY slow drivers. Stace told me to think that maybe they have a crock pot of chili in their backseat. I'm inclined to think they should just stay home.
5. Sprinkles. I hate those little plastic pellets that they adorn donuts and cookies with. GROSS. What's worse is that Fred loves them so any time we have donuts I have to flick off the errant sprinkle that is tarnishing my pastry.
6. Sienna. She bites me nightly. It's a game to her, an irritant to me. The lights go off, I go to climb into bed and out from under she zooms, bites and runs.


teamcraun said...

so, aside from the very funny list of irritants, what are you to do about the irritated eyes, back, and throat?

I would like my doc to give me permission to be officially crabby.

Anna said...

Per my doctor - you wait and let things "settle back down" and get back to normal.

Nothing, in other words.