Monday, June 30, 2008

The (non-)Cuss Fund

Tomorrow is one of many things: Tuesday, the first of July, a week before vacation and the start of Fred and Anna's "Stop Saying That in Front of Elliot!" fund.

Essentially we'll be forking out 25 cents every time one of us uses a naughty word. At the end of the month that money will be rounded up and put in Elliot's college fund. It's like a double treat for him in that we won't have to yell at him for repeating 4-letter words and he gets more quarters in his college fund.

The rules are being hammered out yet. I think it should be a 100% of the time deal but Fred disagrees and thinks it should only be in effect when he's within ear shot. Maybe Fred's afraid of going broke.

What do you think? Take my poll and let me know.

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teamcraun said...

it is such a shame to have to vote to QUIT, but here is what I do know. I "tone it down" in front of bella, and I have already heard her say, not repeating immediately, but days, months later "Oh my God", "Are you kidding me?" both sort of angrily. And then out of nowhere, playing with doll stuff, or carrying too many books and dropping something, the ever innocent "shit." she has even called Nate a "poop head". Please save yourself the trouble and the money QUIT. and then teach me how. because if i sound like bella, i should soap my mouth when I hear HER say that garbage.