Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Moving in Slow Motion

Our brilliant son learned a new skill this weekend - walking backwards.

Not just your average backward walking, mind you, but the kind you saw on Tom and Jerry when they look you square in the eye and ever-so-slowly move back.. one.. foot.. at.. a.. time.. while keeping their attention on your every move.

It's also the kind of backward walking that provokes a laugh from the mom being walked away from. Why? Because it's as though he gets what he's doing and believes he's out-smarting me.

A: Elliot, did you make a stinky?
E: (Stops and stares.)
A: Elliot, let's go change your diaper.
E: (Locks eyes on mine and begins, slowly, stepping backward.)
A: (Stifling a laugh.) Come on, buddy, let's get a new diaper.
E: (Cocks his head a little, continuing backward.)

It's this funny look on his face that maybe I'm not noticing he's backing up. In his mind, I imagine this: Maybe, just maybe, mom can't tell I'm moving backwards. If I go just slow enough... Then, when I figure out how, I'm going to turn on a dime and take off running. Run like the wind. This skill will come in handy at Scheel's or when we're walking across O Street.

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