Sunday, June 22, 2008

Random Updates

1. My stick in a pot (see earlier post about rip-off container gardening class at SCC) is no longer with us. Two weeks ago, Elliot and the neighbor kid pulled it out of the pot and I saw 0 roots. Yesterday, Elliot pulled it out again and it was growing white fuzzies so I pitched it. So much for that brilliant idea, Bertine.

2. Cindy (and possibly Judy) are coming up this morning and we're going to Roca. I can't wait to go although it did rain last night so it's likely going to be a mess.

3. I'm considering revoking Fred's blogging rights and making him get his own blog - ImAGeek or LookHowGeekyIAm. I'm just as big of a dork, but you don't see me proclaiming that to the world. Or maybe he's just more secure of his geekiness than I am. Excuse me while I call my therapist....

4. Elliot's new words: Wock (rock), Git (Get), Ny Ny (Night Night), Whassat (What's That?), Neh Neh (Sienna), Mik (Milk).

5. Sienna is living on borrowed time. Our neighbors have not taken steps to fix the fence so she hasn't been outside in weeks. She's irritable and cranky. Biting everyone (except Elliot, it's like she knows he's off limits). Pooped on the floor. Anyone want a free, lovely cat? She comes with whatever food we have left for her and recently renewed tags.

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