Monday, July 7, 2008

It's Time for a Vacay...

As most of you know, we're headed out to Chicago tomorrow and won't be back until Saturday. We're going out with a bunch of Fred's family and have rented a house just outside of downtown where we'll all stay together - it's going to be fun.

Outings include a Cubs game, dinner with my parents at Goose Island, celebration of Lainey's birthday and seeing Wicked. Mixed in there will be the typical tourist-ey things too - Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum, Navy Pier, etc.

While this goes on, Sienna is at Camp Morrissey in Tecumseh where her camp counselor Chuck will be keeping her company.

You KNOW I will have stories for you when we return. Until then - wish us luck flying with a very independent 18 month old boy that does NOT want to sit down. Ever.

UPDATE: We just found out that the train stop at O'Hare is under construction and out of use starting hours before we get there until the end of July. I guess our group better learn to navigate the city's bus routes so we can get to and from the airport!!! Cindy and Judy, don't panic - Fred already has bus maps for us.

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