Wednesday, July 2, 2008

(Non) Cuss Update

It's been determined, and funded.

We started with the typical (boring snooze-fest) cuss fund base of no 4-letter pretties should be used anymore at all. Onto that we added "things we wouldn't want him to repeat" that don't get said when he's around.

Example? Driving in the car and I get stuck behind someone that obviously has 2 crock pots of chili in their car and I yell out "Hey loser, why don't you pick up the speed a little ya moron!" While there are no "cuss" words in here, I don't need to hear Elliot yelling at Miss Haley to hurry up with his food and calling her a moron.

In case you're wondering (and I know you are) I'm currently up to $1.25 and Fred is close behind at $0.75.

1 comment:

teamcraun said...

I think when the survey closes, you should keep a nice little competitive tally on the sidebar. Although, some stranger will likely break in for the jar of change at the rate your savings is growing!