Friday, July 18, 2008

To B(inky) or Not To B(inky)

Much to the dismay and open disapproval of many family members, a binky has been plugging Elliot's mouth and blocking his face since he was born. I personally appreciated the binky when he was a lot younger - it was like choosing between binky or getting thrown up on due to MSPI or GERD.

We've gotten him scaled down to only get it at night and at nap time at home. This weekend - it's going for good. From what I have read, we have three options:

1. Cold Turkey. It simply disappears and is never seen again. Somewhat similar to the story of Aunt Billine throwing Kim's binky out of the car on the highway.

2. Small Hole. If you cut a very small part of the tip off it will lose suction and he will eventually be the one to think it's a waste of time since it doesn't "work" right anymore.

3. Binky Fairy. In this version, we talk with Elliot about leaving his binky out for the Binky Fairy who will pick it up tonight and leave him a special gift. Honestly, I'm not all that keen on lying to my child yet but more so - how much of that mess will he really understand?

Decisions, decisions.

Regardless of the option we choose, hopefully by Sunday night there won't be any more unnecessary wake ups at 4:00 a.m. because he is TOO LAZY to look for his binky and instead wants us to get it for him. He might of had to lean over 2 inches to his right to get it for himself. And that might be too strenuous for him to handle.


B said...

I vote for the "cold turkey" approach! She waved good-bye to it, and it doesn't seem to have scared her much...although for the rest of her life, she's been able to out talk anyone! Love ya...Aunt B

teamcraun said...

How's it going? are we getting any sleep?