Sunday, July 20, 2008


1. De-Binky-ing is going well. Friday night was rough - he screamed himself into hysterical gagging but finally crashed after an hour and 15 minutes. Saturday was a solid 10 minutes. Today he didn't want to nap so I did not have a good outlook for tonight. But.... not a peep.

2. Fred's grilling is also going well. Not only do we grill out almost every night but Sundays have become 'Smoking Sundays' at the Seckman house. This weekend's entree of choice is a chicken with all-American BBQ rub and corn on the cob from the Farmer's Market. This has been quite a tasty investment.

3. American Airlines is trying to work on this with us on the pilfering incident. I should hear by next Friday for sure but as long as our items aren't found in Chicago (yes, you should be laughing with me at this point) they'll be reimbursing us. I had my choice of cash or vouchers... uh duh... vouchers of course (Kidding!).

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