Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where Meat Comes From

Some background first... the Morrissey kids live in Missouri and are comprised of Ethan, age 5 and Alaina, age 3. Their parents are Bill and Lisa - Fred's uncle and aunt.

The other night at dinner they were talking about something that I can only wait to hear discussed at my dinner table. Enjoy.

Ethan: (chewing thoughtfully on a bite of chicken): Mom, is this pig?
Lisa: No, it's chicken.
Ethan: Chicken means meat from a chicken.
Lisa: Yup.
Ethan: Mom, we could get our own meat if we went out and shot birds and stuff.
Lisa: That's true.
Ethan: Where's our guns?
Lisa: We don't have any guns.
Ethan: We need some weapons!
Alaina: (standing on her chair stabbing the air) We just got swords and knives.

Pause...as Bill & I stare at each other suppressing laughter

Ethan: I know! We could just sneak up on the ones that hold still and get them with the swords.
Alaina: Yeah, and we would hit them and eat them.
Ethan: Mom, I think the deer meat will taste good.
Alaina: Yeah, yummy deer meat!

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