Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Stupid Sk8rs

Ugh, the la-dee-dah Championships have only just begun.

I was crossing the street this morning on my way to work when a mother scolded her children for trying to cross as well. She looked at me and said to her children "Just because she's setting a bad example doesn't mean you go. Wait for the walk sign."

I turned, gave her a dirty look and smiled in the snottiest way I could. Then fumed about her as I finished crossing thinking that she's lucky I even waited as long as I did. You work down here and you just get to know the streets, traffic and signals and know when you can "break the law" and step out into the street. Tell me I'm setting a bad example. What kind of example is over dressing your child in spandex and sequins and rubbing way too much of granny's lipstick on their cheeks? Bad example. I'll show you bad examples - they're down on 13th and F Streets and they look awfully similar to the way you're dressing your child! Tell me I'm setting a bad example. Lady, you haven't seen bad example. Playing human Frogger through O Street is a bad example. Stepping off the curb 3 seconds before the little white walker light blinks on is hardly a "bad" example. Get over yourself already.

And, yes, this blog will be a good solid smack in the face when I'm yelling at Elliot to wait until he sees the walk sign before running into traffic. What is he, nuts? Does he want to get run over?

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