Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fred''s News

Anna is currently in St. Elizabeth's hospital scheduled to have her Gallbladder removed this afternoon. What started with a trip to urgent care Thursday night, then a Dr. visit Friday morning, then a 9pm emergency room visit to Bryan on Saturday, then a Monday morning Dr. appointment, has now become a hospital stay and surgery.

She spent the night there last night but the pain is so bad she hasn't been able to sleep or even lie down. They have continued to give her enough pain meds to kill a horse but it still can't seem to ease her much. As I left to quick grab lunch they had given her a double dose of morphine and Demerol and she was finally able to relax a little bit sitting down.

The surgery can;t come fast enough. Elliot is enjoying some Tecumseh time and appears to be over whatever was bothering him the last few days.

That's all for now.

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