Thursday, August 21, 2008

Is She Pregnant?

Thanks to the surgery, I am swollen and left with gas in my belly that is making me appear about 3 - 4 months pregnant. I'm also burping uncontrollably like I'm 9 months pregnant. I went shopping to find some looser fitting shirts but with the current styles out there I looked more prego than ever.

I've already fielded the question once. Most people know that its surgery related and these are the very same people that know I have no desire to be pregnant again.

What bugs me is the looks I'm getting. I walked to lunch yesterday and noticed the looks - right at the belly and the inquisitive face that says "Is she or isn't she?" without speaking a word. I feel the need to make a shirt that simply says "No, I'm not. Thank you for staring."

However, I am a believer of the old if you can't beat em, join em theory. I blamed the baby for making me eat some candy yesterday (baby was hungry). Baby was blamed again last night when I had a pain in my stomach (it must have kicked) after lifting Elliot before I was supposed to. I wonder what else this invisible baby can get me...

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