Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's Fair Time - JoCo Style

Elliot and Fred went to Tecumseh yesterday to partake in Johnson County Fair activities and check out the animals. I napped, watched tv and updated flickr. Fred came home last night and Elliot stayed so that we could get some things done and I could ease back into "normal" life without bladdie.

In my email today, I got a cute video. While its not plagiarism, it is a copyright issue for me to post this online. I sure hope Fred's Grandma Judy doesn't leave me a nasty message on my blog. Anyway - it's short, but cute.

Now be honest - did you play it more than once and did you catch yourself wanting to wave back at him? I know I did.

And, yes, I plan to work the word plagiarism in until I'm over that jerk.

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