Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nothing to Blog About...

I can't seem to think of anything blog-worthy. It's blogger's block. Nothing truly blog-tastic has happened lately. Only things that would be lost in a blog-version of the event.

Like the time Elliot got so angry about something that he literally cleared the coffee table with a forceful swipe of his arm. You don't get the "I could kill you but I don't even know what that means" look on his face - anger, frustration and Hell-No-I'm-Not all mixed together. And how do I explain that I couldn't stop laughing and had to hide my face while Fred was calling me a bad mommy without marring my perfect image?

His new noise and hand gestures for firetrucks is adorable.. but how does one blog about that? Anytime he sees, hears or thinks he sees or hears a firetruck its a quick intake of breath followed by 'whasat' and then "wee oo wee oo wee oo" while his jazz hands are moving up by his shoulders. See - was that cute? Really? It's sure a hoot when he's doing it.

Or how about how he keeps wearing my 'sues' around the house. Much to my surprise, he walks rather well in them. We did manage to get a video of that but I haven't bugged Fred to shrink it down yet to fit on here. Thankfully he's sticking to my running shoes and not the heels...

Now that I've tucked you all into bed with this boring nigh-night story, I'll sign off.

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