Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Really? Someone Funnier Than Me?

So. Over a month ago I got a sales call from GoToMeeting and wound up talking with someone that maybe possibly might sort of be as funny (or heaven forbid funnier) than me - Rich. I figured that no one with a drab name like Rich could possibly compete- but a recent barrage of emails had me on my toes (or fast-typing fingers) just to keep up.

Here are some excerpts:
A: I am quite terrible at returning calls... so here I am avoiding my phone like the plague. (Then I clacked on about changes and being busy.)

R: I was starting to think you died. And I was starting to get concerned. Which is strange, I know, because why be concerned if somebody is already dead? ... And ... she re-emerged, like Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean! I'm so glad you're alive! (He went on to mention random facts from our previous phone call.)

A: HA! What, are you stalking me? I actually have a medical excuse to throw in there. (Insert emergency gall bladder thing.) Soooo in all of my pain and stress I managed to alienate my bestest California friend ever. And for that, my friend, I apologize.

R: No need to apologize. I'm just ... trying to make a living by providing your organization with a useful and affordable tool that embraces the internet and the future of business. See how I sneaked that over-the-top sales pitch in there? ... It's called an incredible memory and it only becomes stalking if I use the information to manipulate you ... which, of course, I would never do (unless your org doesn't buy my product). Just kidding. (Sorta.)

A: I can't believe there might be someone funnier than me ... it's a hard blow to my ego. I feel the urge to blog about this but I may need to manipulate your text to fit within my post.

R: Are you saying you can say what I said better? You could do a better job of being me? ... I can see why you wouldn't want to post my magnificent prose alongside your own fine work - nobody wants that kind of competition on their site.

End of email transmissions. So, really, is he funnier than me? I'm concerned. Take the poll to the left and let me know you still love me more.

UPDATE: It has come to my attention (mostly after finding out that even FRED voted for the enemy) that I should point out you are supposed to judge his little bits of funniness with my entire amount of funniness - not just these snippets. And if I continue to lose I will pull this poll so that I can save some amount of face.

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teamcraun said...

did you e-mail Rich a link to the blog? that'd be a stitch to see his impressions. sounds like a fun e-mail game...I had a hard time voting. I couldn't tell if I was voting for Rich or you, since it is officially "your writing" on the blog...

this is a great post!!