Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Smooth Talker

In what seems to be overnight, Elliot is talking more and more everyday. Here's a little list of what he's currently saying (followed by what he's actually trying to say):

Noh. Mine. (No, you are mistaken because that object is mine.)
Take-oo. (Thank you!)
Moh Cakah/Mik/Waffo? (Mom, I would like to have another cracker/milk/waffle.)
Ware-it-goh? (Where did that object that I just had go to? Complete with shrug, palms up and quizzical look on face.)
Here goh. (Here, Dad, I'd like to hand you this object.)
Sit? (Mom, I'd like to to sit so close to me that you're nearly on top of me and Dad I want you to sit just as close on the other side.)
Lessee! (Let's see! Used when taking temperature and it's time to see the reading.)
Wok? (I'd like to drag you around the house by your finger and make you sit somewhere then get up and walk some more and then rock in the rocking chair.)
Wok? (Not to be confused with walk - I'd like to rock on the rocking horse or in my little rocking chair OR Mom, you rock in the big rocking chair.)

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