Thursday, October 30, 2008

Watch Out - Here I Go

Okay. I've contemplated it. I'm going to do it. My blog, my opinions.

I'm feeling a bit suffocated lately by everything political - signs, billboards, television ads, endless phone calls, debates, newspaper articles - mostly feeling out of sorts. Why? Mostly its that I'm a blue living in a raging state of reds. The system is broken people; let's fix it.

Yes, please raise my taxes if that means I get to have fabulous parks, libraries and public school systems. Thank you for honoring individual freedom and for believing choice is a fundamental and constitutional right.

I believe our government should work for the common good. I believe in a government that supports equal opportunities for all and respects the privacy of its citizens. As a citizen, I am obligated to respect life and be a steward of the environment - done and done.

You can bet I will be at the polls on Tuesday. I will proudly wear my "I Voted Today" sticker the rest of the day. Then I will go shopping for the evening to avoid the 18 repetitive conversations that will be on every station that do nothing but create stress and speculation.

Wednesday I will wake up to a new president. And hopefully, CHANGE.

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LisaMo said...

Well put. Bill and Andrew just got back from seeing Obama speak at the quad at MU. Andrew agreed it was a great experience.