Monday, November 3, 2008

Here I go, Again

I'm so glad the political season is coming to a close.

This morning, a woman called the local radio show expressing her absolute love for having gotten her absentee vote. Why? So she could make an informed decision.

Yes. I'm serious. Because, and only because, she got her absentee ballot did she vote informed. She said it, not me.

Confused? Me too. You mean to tell me that in all other elections you abandoned your personal responsibility to inform yourself? That you voted on a whim because you liked someones name, they were a specific party, or because she was a chick? Wow. I'd rather you didn't vote at all.

So now you get your ballot early, google up each person on there and then fill in the dot? Seriously? The radio folks were praising this novel idea. You know what I think is a novel idea?

GET INFORMED. Read the paper. Surf the internet. Research them for yourself! I will admit when faced with two people I know nothing about, and its a race for some district judge or something, I tend to leave it blank. It's better than making an uninformed decision.

I actually reached over (after rolling my eyes and saying "Oh, come on!" out loud) and turned that junk off. I am not going to be 'that mom' that lets her kid listen to garbage in the car.

I'm done. I swear. That was the last one.

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