Monday, November 3, 2008

Taking a Moment

So it's been a while - in Anna blog-time, that is - since I've posted.

There's a reason.

We got news Saturday morning that some of Fred's family (in Missouri) were heading to a horse show and were in an accident. Without going into too much detail - they were hit head-on by a piece of farm equipment that somehow came off of the SUV that was towing it from the other direction.

Fred's aunt got the brunt of the accident and is currently in the hospital with numerous broken and fractured parts. The other two are banged up but okay for the most part. One of the two horses made it.

Our world just kind of stopped. Or, at least, halted. What can we do? How is everyone? And then back to what can we do? The answer: Nothing but wait and hope for a good recovery. I hate that answer.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hope everyone gets along ok from here on out - it is frustrating not being able to "fix" anything at these times!

love Auntie D