Friday, January 2, 2009

Resolution Schmesolution

I'm not big on making resolutions - just ask my sister about the talk we had earlier this week. I just abhor the idea of making some promise to myself that I will inevitably break. Then feel bad about only to try the same thing the next year.

It's a perpetual set up for disappointment.

In light of recent conversations I did think of something that will simply begin in 2009. Not a goal or a promise, just something I'm going to do.

Apologizing. Righting the wrongs.

It started with squirting mustard in Dan's mouth. I'm pretty sure I never apologized. Then Jen reminded me of scribbling "Jenny is dumb" all over her sandals with ink pen. I KNOW I never apologized for that. I'm pretty sure that getting the neighbor kid to leave us alone by saying his mom had a popsicle for him was wrong too.

I'm not going to make all of my apologies public but I'll be working on it. Whenever I remember something I'll commit to making the apology. And then, because we moved like gypsies for most of my life, I'll spend a week or two finding that person and set it right.

Starting now.

Mom and Jen - Remember that time I got the curling iron stuck in Jen's hair and then left her there alone because I knew if I got caught I'd be in trouble? And then - I came back inside and you were pulling her hair to pieces getting it out? Well, I'm sorry to both of you for lying about it and for not getting Mom right when it happened.

I feel better.

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Justin, Stacey and Kael said...

Nice work Jess. Kind of reminds me of Earl's karma list...