Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Cat Lost a Life Tonight

Elliot was hungry so I fixed him the staple meal of microwavable raviolis (sorry, Jen) and threw in some corn for good measure. Warm it up and put it plus a cup of milk right on top of Elmo's head where Elliot insists it belongs.

While Elliot starts eating, I feed my facebook addiction. Then this:

E: Momma, Na. (Na = Sienna)
A: Yeah, did Sienna just come inside?
E: Yeah.

E: Na. Na. NA!
A: (Sucked into facebook)
E: NA! No no Na!
A: (Glances over and see's Sienna sitting next to him.) Elliot, Sienna is fine - she can sit next to you. (Back to fb.)

E: NO NO NO Na! No eet Na!
A: (Turns around) What the F, Sienna????

She was sitting on the table on the other side of his plate licking his food. Drinking his milk. He stared at her in complete disbelief and kept mumbling 'no no no Na.' I scooted her off the table, yelled at her and sent her outside. Elliot sat. Stunned.

I apologized to Elliot. He shoved his plate.
A: Elliot, honey, I am so so sorry! I didn't see her eating your food!
E: Na eet. No no Na.
A: Yes, Sienna is naughty. Do you need new food?
E: Yeah.
A: Sandwich be okay?
E: Yeah.

E: Na go bye-bye?
A: Yeah, honey, she's outside. And with any luck she'll never come back.

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