Sunday, March 1, 2009

Drumroll, please!

Last night I went through the submitted answers and came up with 3 winners. I put each initial on a scrap of paper, rolled them up and tossed them in a ball. I told Fred at some point he needed to pick one out and that person would be the winner.

Half asleep on the couch last night I mumbled to Fred about picking a name. Silence. He doesn't remember me talking and said that when he finds a bowl with three balls of paper in it he trashes it.

Next thing I know he's saying "Hey, what's a T mean?"

Well - that means that Ms. Tina Hatchell is my super fun time blog scavenger hunt winner! Even if Fred had to pick her out of the trash (sorry about that, Beans) - she's still the winner. She gets to pick any store she wants and I'll get her a gift card to shop there.

I guess you fuddy-duddies should've played.
Thank you to everyone who did play!!


Tina said...

Woot! I'm a winner!!

Justin, Stacey and Kael said...

Yes Jess, I am a fuddy duddy for not getting it done. Please still be my friend.