Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Week in Review...

Jen called me out for not blogging as of late. Truth be told, unless you want to hear about the violent poop and puke virus we were ambushed with I don't have much to say.

So here is our week in review...

1. On Monday, the three of us were home sick. A lot of tv was watched (don't yell at me for this but I seriously was not functioning and at least then I knew where Elliot was) including The Cosby Show. Sassy little Rudy Huxtable taught Elliot a new response.
A: Elliot - Can you go over-
E: What?!
A: What? I just wanted you to-

Also on Monday, Fred taught him to point his finger at you and yell "You da man!" He's already done that to the security guards outside daycare.

2. Sienna has NOT bitten me all week! Woohooo!

3. Crazy Brenda won't shut it about having her child potty trained. Lady - I can at least get Elliot to SIT on a potty and for us that's a big step.

4. Elliot was given Fred's old Cabbage Patch doll. Anyone from Fred's family remember his name (other than Cindy)? He's running around in his diaper (the baby) right now but I'm hoping to make him some clothes soon. Answer: Dan Ackerly or "Acky Dan" as Fred called him.

5. Got a new DS game called Professor Layton and the Curious Village. I'm hooked. I have Wendi hooked. And, at this moment, Fred is getting hooked. It's sort of like doing meth - you just keep on keepin on and the next thing you know - BAM! Addicted!

Not much else to report.... I hope your week has been more interesting than mine. Next week you'll surely get a rant about the circus being in town as my office is about 100 yards from where they park the calliope.

Lucky, lucky me.


Anonymous said...

Professor Layton helped me handle moving from a house to a 1 bedroom apartment for 3 months. That you professor.


{B} said...

Dear Elliott....I remember your Dad's "acky Dan" very well. I'm glad Grandma Cindy saved him for you...I'm also VERY surprised Grandpa Jim didn't burn him before you got old enough to have him! Seems like he grumbled alot when your Dad toted him around, I'd bet he's at it again! Love you, Aunt B

Emily said...

I'm not sure who crazy Brenda is but I'd sure like to figure it out....the only person i can think of that is pretty much potty trained in their original group is Emily but i have no idea what her moms name is. Don't worry Atticus won't do anything but sit on his potty either.