Saturday, May 23, 2009

No Angels

What do you get when six old people completely decked out in "Harley gear" roll up on Harley 'geezer edition' bikes and park in your cul de sac? They creakily dismount the bikes, remove the helmets and the ladies fix their hair before climbing the 6 torturous steps to our house.

Fast forward about an hour - 2 of the 3 male old persons are snoozing on the sofa. Fast forward another hour - all 3 are snoozing (and it was caught on tape for posterity).

As they rolled back out of our neighborhood 4 hours after showing up Fred and I had a good chuckle.

A: Boy, they sure are a bunch of geezers.
F: More like "Hells Nappers."


Anonymous said...

Just you wait! Your day will come too! A. D

Justin, Stacey and Kael said...

Back off the bikers! The road takes it right out of ya. I should have JR pick you up sometime. You'll need a nap after a trip around the block. Don't get bugs in your teeth!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they weren't "napping"... maybe they were just "fried" after an all-night biker party.

Or, maybe they were just bored because there was no "action." Bikers thrive on action, and when things get slow, they move into conservation mode so that they're ready for the next big party back at the biker house.

Or, maybe they were all "drugged up" from their blood pressure pills, and had to sleep it off.

And, by the way, our club name is spelled with a K--Hell's Knappers.

Frank "Crash" Hyland

Anna said...