Monday, May 18, 2009

Ring my Bell.

I want to ring my bell.

Problem is, my bike didn't come with one. AND to make it worse, Fred didn't allow me to purchase one and instead offered me the one off of his bike. Not only is Fred's bell old but it's from his TREK bike and mine is a Specialized/Globe bike. Isn't that sort of like putting a Honda door on a Toyota? I think it is.

Take my little survey - Should Anna get to buy a new bell?
(Preferably a red shiny one with a melodic little ding?)


Anonymous said...

I vote YES - every girl needs her own bell to ring! Auntie D

Mike said...

I've never had my bell rung, but Kelly once punched my clock for me.

Kelly Medwick said...

Sing the Anita Ward disco hit to Fred while wearing a mirrorball minidress and I'll bet he changes his mind.