Sunday, May 17, 2009

Who Taught you That?

Last Friday, Elliot and I had an entertaining/shocking conversation on our way to school and work. As usual, he points out EVERY bus and tells me what kind it is (skoo, cidee) and what color (yeddow, wyte) and that they're going to work and school too.

E: Momma, bus! Bus!
A: Yep!
E: Iss a cidee bus. Wyte cidee bus.
A: Sure is.
E: Whyre bus go?
A: It turned - it probably has to pick up more people.
E: Go werk?
A: Yeah, people that need to go to work.
A: Where else do the people go?
E: (Thinking)
E: Partee!
A: What?! (Laughing)
A: And what, exactly, are they going to do at the party?
E: DANCE!!!!

I sincerely hope that daycare isn't teaching him about party buses. At least, not until he's a more mature 3.

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Justin, Stacey and Kael said...

Just wait 'til Aunt Daisy tells him about the Girls Gone Wild Bus.