Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ted & Vance -- oh, and Susanna too

I have this friend "Ted" who is obsessed with "Vance" who is somewhat-famous so it makes it pretty easy to follow Vance's every move. Ted is married to "Susanna" who stands by Ted but is concerned it is turning into an obsession.

Vance tweets. Ted reads every single one.
Vance is being video taped. Ted watches every second.
Vance has a clothing line. Ted wears it.
Vance has an exercise clothing line. Ted wears it.
Vance races motorcycles. Ted rode for 32 miles.

Everything Vance does, Ted knows. And relays on to Susanna.
Susanna wonders if Ted is going to leave her follow Vance around.

Now if you replace Ted with Fred, Susanna with Anna and Vance with Lance Armstrong - you have just spent a day in our house.

** Thank you, Eagle Eyes Judy for catching my typo! **

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GGJudy said...

Who's Larry?????