Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brilliance Spews Forth

Tonight I was cooking dinner. Out of nowhere, Elliot appears.
E: Mommy, I go bye-bye. Go doctor and car wash. Bye!

Sitting at the table, Fred and I can hear him coming down the hall.
E: Watch out peoples here da firetwuk! Shoot da water - eeooo eeooo. Oh no fire person here comes da water in da water hose! I shoot da fire person!

Two minutes ago he pops up on the couch.
E: Mommy, me is stinky feet. Baff? Bubble Baff?

If you knew how bad his feet can smell, you'd completely understand why this is the end of this blog post as I simply must get those nasty feet into a tub of hot water and industrial soap and a brillo pad.

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