Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oh! The Humanity!!

I'm a full-time worker bee, mommy and a sporadic-at-best wife (read: I don't do much cleaning or cooking at our house). As me, Jess and Jess used to say "I'm verrry busy."

The Internets are my friends with their webs and tubes feeding my every addiction and giving me answers to nearly any question I have. During nearly every lunch hour and again at night, I have a tidy mental list of sites I like to troll. But right now - one tube in particular is failing me and it is shaking me to the core.

I feel ... so disconnected. So un-knowledgeable (its a word, right?).

Lost, even.

Is Sharon still in the nut-house? What's Nick going to do since he knows the baby is his? Does Ashley remember running over Nikki? Will JT find out that Vicki cheated on him? Is Nina still in town and is Chance still giving Chloe the googly eyes? And Patty - where to even begin with that one. I heard something about Colleen and a cow?

I'd love to find the answers - particularly to that last one - but alas, I cannot. My trusty (and now ex-) best friend, has some funky problem on their Recaps page and I am unable to feed my Newman Family Addiction. My NFA is hungry!

I don't know what has happened since last Thursday... that's a week, people! An entire week! Do you have any idea - any idea, at all - how much can happen and change in a week in Genoa City? Victor and Nikki's kids grew 12 years in less than a month one summer! Maybe it'll be one of those slow-progressing weeks like how Ashley miscarried like 37 weeks ago and still doesn't realize she isn't pregnant (I mean, really?).

Sure, there are other sites out there that like to gossip and even spoil what will happen next (what, its not reality?) but that's beside the point. I want my daily recap back and I want it now. As my best friend Tim Gunn would say 'make it work.' And he means it.

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