Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thinking Thursday

So I have this blog that I read pretty religiously that if it weren't for the threat of copyright (or thought-right) infringement I wouldn't even reference it only because I know that most of my readers will be appalled even by its name, let alone the crass language she uses on a regular basis. That, my friends, is exactly why I love to read it. If you want to read it, and are over age 18 and promise not to hold it against me, you can click here.

Anyhoot. She was going on a tangent the other day and said: ... if I had to BE a vowel, I would be “sometimes y”. Wouldn’t you?

My answer? Absolutely.

Lets do a run-down of the alternatives, shall we?
A - boring. I use that letter A LOT and am tired of it. Besides there's some show from another decade in which some dude kept saying "Aaaaa" to everyone.
E - it's all "wheee" look at me I just curl around myself when its lowercase. Caps isn't very friendly either - it's like a fork without the part you hold on to.
I - seriously, I don't don't dot my eyes because it takes too much time. you, my friend, are a bit high maintenance.
O - kind of boring... like "oh." all deflated-like. Huh. Meh. Oh.
U - this one's obvious - its not about YOU its about ME. Just like that country song - I wanna talk about me! Wanna talk about I! Wanna talk about #1...

Sometimes Y - perfect. Wishy-washy. Not set on being any one thing and isn't afraid to strut its stuff. Maybe it has a hard time making decisions - just like me. I love you, Sometimes Y.

What vowel would you be?


Aunt Becky said...

I really should come with a warning label.

Rebecca said...

I have to go with either O or I because I like the names that those letters could be in...Isabella, Olivia. . . If I had two girls, one would be Olivia...I already have my Isabella.