Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bueller.... Bueller.....

At the age of 2.75 years, Elliot pulled his first Ferris Bueller.

A cold came on fast on Sunday and worsened Monday. That night, he was acting listless (I learned that it is not called lethargic if they make eye contact... potatoes, pototoes) and was doing a weird gasp-y breathing thing and retracting so we took him in to the ER.

(Side note: Hello Deductible! Nice to meet you!)

3 hours, a chest x-ray and flu swab later - its just a cold. Tuesday he was out of school. This morning I took him in and he was fine until we got there. At about the precise moment he figured out Ms. Haley was out for the day he started in with the clingy-ness and whining. I left him there reading a book knowing he'd snap out of it.

Fast forward an hour and Ms. Des calls to tell me he's sick. Seems he was whining and crying and laying about as still as a dead guy (listless, I would imagine...) and when she went to pick him up he cuddled into her and was burning up. Fever was a bit over 101.

I hang up, cussing. I have (correction, had) 3 days of leave time left to get me through the rest of 2009. I get there and he sees me. Smirks at me and hides his face in a book. I tell him we're leaving and he bounds toward me grinning from ear to ear.

He jabbered the entire way home.
Checked his temp and he was normal.
You've got to be freaking kidding me.

Now, I'm not sure how he faked his temp (maybe had a hot stone stowed in his armpit?) but I have no doubt he pulled a Bueller on us today. The rest of our morning he ran, sang, jumped, laughed, etc., just like he would any other day. Still has a cold - but he was FAKING this morning. I'll bet money it was all stemming from Ms. Haley not being there.

He's going back on Notice.

What is this kid going to do when he ages out of Ms. Haley's class in 4 months? Shhh - don't tell him just yet. I don't have enough leave time for the repercussion it would no doubt bring.

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