Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh, Druther.

In re-planning Christmas with Fred's family (thank you, blizzard), Grandma Judy emailed me asking to know what my druthers are.

Which -- side note -- reminds me. Hey, Channel 8 - I don't really care to hear you proclaim that December has been the 'snowiest December' in Lincoln's recorded history and then chuckle. There really isn't anything funny about it. I was stuck in my house for 3 solid days. We missed our family Christmas. Are you offering to find me a spot to stash all of this snow? I didn't think so. Zip it Coskren.

I digress... let's get back to druthers.

Those sound like bad things to me. So, I emailed her back to let her know my druthers are Greyhound buses, Geometry and broccoli.

Seeing how she announced that she's sending a Greyhound to pick us up and doing Geometry before enjoying our dinner of creamed broccoli, broccoli salad and broccoli... I think I had the definition wrong. And I think this Christmas is going to suck.


Jen Craun said...

ha! you funny girl!!

Shell said...

Oh my, so much snow!

LOL @ druthers.

Aunt Becky said...

I want broccoli. And to punch the snow.

virg_nelson said...

I was behind on my Anna Fix. Had quite a few blogs to catch up on. Had to start with "Condolences to the Abominable Snowman" blog and move on. I truly wish we had known each other better back in school because Anna, you crack me up.