Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday, Elliot James

Was 3 weeks early, 5 hours in the nursery.
And had 0 names at first, then 2, then just 1.

F: What should we name him?
A: I don't know. I can't decide.
A: Why don't you decide, little baby?
A: Benjamin Ryne?
(e): (nothing)
A: Elliot James?
(e): hmpphmmnn
A: Well, Elliot James it is.

While I do think he could pull off being a Ben, he's every bit an Elliot.

Our baby boy is 3 and so very far from a baby.
I was going to put something all mushy gushy here ... yech.

Instead I'll tell you that he's a rough-and-tumble daddy's boy that has a runny nose, dirty clothes and bumps and bruises covering his body. He has an attitude and some will-power that rivals only his mommy's. He's love and hugs one minute, cars and trains (wrecking each other) the next. Pancakes for breakfast and meat and potatoes for dinner. Super Hero obsessed: coloring and reading books, clothes and unnerwears, movies, figurines and even a potty seat (insert image of Fred beaming proudly from ear to ear).

He's every bit a boy.
He's every bit a three year old.
He's every bit Elliot James.

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