Sunday, March 21, 2010

How To: March Madness Bracket

Many people await Selection Sunday for the sole purpose of filling out their March Madness Bracket the next day. Love it, hate it, or lie somewhere in between, these basketball brackets are completed all across the country.

How they complete them is another story.

1. Educated. This requires following the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball games for a long period of time - like months, people - and then making an educated decision as to who should overcome who as the playoffs go on. Who has that kind of time?

2. Numbers. Brackets include the team name as well as their standing and some people will choose the team with the better standing. This sounds like a lot of work.

3. Name Aesthetic. My personal favorite, you read the name of each team playing and decide which one sounds better and go with that. For example - Gonzaga was to play Florida State... well, Gonzaga sounds a lot like Gorgonzola that THAT is a fabulous cheese. So, Gonzaga it is!

4. Mascots. This is a simple one. Imagine a cage match between the two teams' mascots - could a terrapin (turtle) beat a cougar? Or could a longhorn beat a demon deacon? This, to me, seems like a lot of research.

5. Naughty Words. This is mostly for the smaller children in that certain words aren't supposed to be used on a regular basis. And as Bart Simpson got away with yelling Hell because it's a place, a co-workers son has Butler going all the way. BUTT-ler. Get it? BUTT. ler.

6. Sounds Like. Used by our little boy, you pick the team based on what you thought Daddy said when he was reading it to you. Thus, the Ohio State Bucket-guys are going all the way. I mean, really, the guys that drive bucket trucks? How could they NOT win?

How do you complete your bracket?

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