Monday, March 29, 2010

Snapshot: Elliot James

Elliot is every bit a little boy.

From delving in the mud on the first nice day of the year to obliterating any surface in our house with construction equipment and army guys who are constantly at war. He enjoys watching sports, discussing sports and pretend-playing sports. There are wrestling matches upstairs and super hero movies downstairs most every weekend.

Fred beams, proudly. I think Elliot has provided him more joy than he ever thought possible. I smile, watching them interact. Trading chips and fist bumps and chanting 'Go Big Re-ed' all season long.

I also smile because I know that I'm the ouchie-fixer. I am the one to cuddle with at 6am or at the hint of any sickness. I am the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich maker there ever was and if you're helpful, I might just toss a marshmallow on your plate at lunch.

We each have our role, making us a family.
A family that I live for and can't wait to get home to at night.

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