Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pointing Blame

At some point, Cindy gave me this super awesome coin purse that is a replica of a bank bag - but on a much smaller scale. I loved it. I used it. It held my special cards and extra cash.

I was running errands last week and shoved the wallet in my coat pocket. That night, it's gone. GONE, gone. Like nowhere to be found, gone. I consoled myself to sleep with the notion that it simply MUST be in my office, on my desk.

It wasn't.

I called the two places I went - Colby Ridge and the Library. No luck.

Eating dinner with Cindy and Judy a couple of nights later a realization comes over me. My library card was in that wallet. I bet the stinkin' library kept it and are just waiting for me to come in, in person, and announce myself so that they may hand me printed copies of the dumb laws preventing me from seeing what I've checked out! That must be it! Sneaky!

Well crap! After the little run-in I had with the library system (read the post AND comments here) right here in blog-land, the last thing I want to do is face them. (Who me? Spineless?) Those jokers can KEEP my card. I'll just make Fred check out my books. Neener-freaking-neener.

The next day, Elliot's teacher handed me my coin purse.
What the---?

I still don't know how it got there but they handed it to me with a smile and I smiled back thinking Heh, heh, heh, you aren't so smooth after all, Library!

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