Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

My head's in the clouds today.

How is it possible that I have a child - a son - over the age of 3? Who is learning in warp speed, growing like a weed and able to melt your heart in seconds? The daily fascination never ends in watching him change (just 2 days ago he corrected his own verb tense?!) and see the wheels in his head continually clicking. Putting things together. Probably planning my ultimate demise so he can have 'a little snack' for every meal.

I'm ready to move out of our house. I'm ready to live in a home that doesn't have steel siding constantly interfering with radio reception. I should move that to the top of my "our new house must have X" list.

One half of our house will have new carpet when we get home. Weird. Tomorrow, the rest of the house gets finished. Just in time to get new pictures and re-list.

Boys State Basketball is here. Fred is planning to go to the JCC game tonight and last I knew, Cindy and Judy are coming up as well. Asked if I were going - uh, no. Not only should Elliot be asleep before the game even begins, but how can I be supportive of something that I annually mock right here for all of the world to see?

Elaine Morrissey asked, via fb, for someone to go to Frazier's in Tecumseh and buy her some food. I'd like for someone to go to Frazier's and ask for my 2nd pancake that they never brought me when I was dining there over 3 years ago. Do the math, I'll give you a second. Ahhhh yes, I was about 8 months pregnant and IN. LOVE. WITH. PANCAKES. What you did, Frazier's, is despicable. Everyone knows not to deny a pregnant girl the food she loves the most.

Elliot has a love affair with pancakes. Connection?

I'm going to be an Auntie again - Fred's sister is due at the end of September. If you haven't already - congratulate her. And stop asking if she has morning sickness... I have NO DOUBT she's tired of that question. And since I know what you're next question will be - YES, she is finding out if it's a boy, girl, combination of both or something all together different.

Pandora makes my days go by faster.
So does sewing and stuff - but that doesn't get me a paycheck.

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