Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

5 of us were talking at some point yesterday about things from the 80s and the youngest in our group couldn't relate to most things: Who is Mork? The first show I saw Robin Williams in was Mrs. Doubtfire. AND - crime of all crimes - NOT knowing Bon Jovi songs!

Here's a look into my morning via an email exchange that really only sucked up 5 minutes of our day. (We are just that efficient when it comes to slacking off.)

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

1: It is with great sadness that I report that Corey Haim died this morning.

2: In honor of him, we should go home and watch Lucas and Lost Boys.

Me: I wonder if Kiefer will stop drinking long enough to acknowledge one of his Lost Boys is gone. I can't believe "The Corey's" don't exist any longer.

3: Wow, I'm really sad about Corey Haim. What a waste (but not a surprise given the drug habit, I suppose).

Young4: What is this Lost Boys movie about?

** Audible snickering and hands slapping foreheads in disbelief **

3: Vampires, ostensibly. But really it was about Kiefer Sutherland looking hot in a mullet.

1: Jason Patric was hotter, just sayin.

Young4: Really? Mulletted vampires - not attractive.

Me: (Copy and paste picture of Kiefer) Oooh, Young E4 you better get yourself in check. Just TRY and tell me he isn't hot.

2: I'm with E1, Kiefer was hot but Jason Patric WAY hotter!

Young4: You all are crazy. (Copy and paste picture of Robert Pattinson)

Me: GROSS. Isn't he like 14 or something?

3: Srsly, I don't get the whole Twilight thing. Vampires do NOT sparkle. Ask Kiefer.

2: The sun burns them, it doesn't make them sparkly. Duh.

3: Neither do vampires wear lip gloss. Team Kiefer all the way.

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