Wednesday, April 7, 2010

(Im)patiently Waiting

We're kind of in a holding pattern over here at Chez Seckman. We sold our house and have to be out by May 14. We bought a house but can't get in until June 14.

Anyone else super good at math?

We are hoping our buyer will 'rent' to us for that month in between but haven't heard back. I was hopeful we'd hear something Monday... nothing yet. I do subscribe to the believe that "no news is good news" and would like to think it can pertain to this situation. Maybe he's thinking about it? Calling a friend for advice?

It's sort of like plucking daisy petals.
Are we homeless for 30 days? Or not? Homeless? Not?

Then it happened - my phone made that little 'dinga-dinga' noise to let me know an email has just come in. YES! Finally! Wooooot! AN ANSWER!

Or not.

It was just another #*(@&^%!! forward from that old friend of mine. The one that doesn't communicate with anyone other than by sending these stupider-than-stupid forwards. The forwards that I don't even click to open and instead hit delete.


(Picks up another daisy)

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