Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Longest 2 Months of My Life

In two months from now, expect to see a different me.
A sullen-yet-understanding me.
A sad, sad version of me.
A distraught-by-the-loss-of-my-first-"girl-crush" me.

We were told a few weeks back that the Medwick family would be uprooting from this fine state in middle-America and landing on a beachier part of the country: South Carolina.

I put on my brave face and immediately responded with a laugh "Hey! At least now we have somewhere cool to vacation!" Chuckle, Chuckle, Chuckle! While on the inside, I am screaming Noooooooooooo! and holding back the tears.

Kelly is one of my best friends. She wins the award for "Longest I have had a friend in a single location" thanks to all of my moving around.

I interviewed for a job at her workplace and after my meeting with the powers that be, she was informed that they found her a new best friend and were going to offer me the job.

They offered, I accepted and BFF's we became.

We've spent the last 8 years doing EVERYTHING 3 months apart:
She started working there, I showed up.
I got engaged, she got engaged.
I got married, she got married.
She bought a house, I bought a house.
She got pregnant, I got pregnant.
She had her baby, I had my baby (both boys!).
She found a daycare, I quit ours and moved to her daycare.
I moved daycare, she moved daycare.
We put our house up for sale, theirs will be up any day.

I will miss my BFF. I will miss the original Girl Crush. (What is a girl crush, you ask? Well, if I ever were to decide to... uh... be interested in girls... she'd be it for me. Easy Peasy.) Through our friendship, our spouses have become friends and our sons are the shining example of solid friendship at a young age. We'd do anything for them; they'd do anything for us.

Well, except stay.
Because I've already begged and they said no.
Selfish Jerks.

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Kelly Medwick said...

Oh my gosh, I am so honored to be the original girl crush. You have no idea.