Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just Like 'Oklahoma!'

(Where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain.)

What good is an umbrella in Nebraska?
How many legs do fish have?


On my rainy walk to the office this morning I whipped out my umbrella. I walked 5 steps and it jerked me over a bit as a wind gust caught it. I hunched down a bit and moved the umbrella to directly over my head. Already thinking this is soooo not going to work today.

Then it flipped inside out. Dear Lord Baby Jesus.

I work downtown. Where there are many cars. Where many people drive these cars and are most obviously seeing me with an inside out umbrella. And making fun of me.

I look like a complete loser. And, I look like an even bigger loser because I walked this way for a bit hoping (and cussing under my breath) for it to un-inside out itself. I would have laughed at myself had I been driving by at that moment. I mean, really, who can't get control over their umbrella?

Well, me. Apparently.
%^#(@&*!# umbrella anyway.

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