Thursday, May 13, 2010


eReaders: Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble nook and the very uniquely named Sony Reader are all over the place right now and have been the topic of many a conversation over the last few months.

With everything else in life going digital, why should we do that with our books? I love turning pages (and sneaking a peek “accidentally” at the last few pages) and love my new Mr. T bookmark. I like having books on shelves, going to the library and trading with friends. Surely, I would not like to read my books on a mini computer.

But then I learned that it’s not really a mini computer.

That the pages on the eReaders read just like books. You have buttons to flip pages. You can see the covers of the books on the device. You can pick out your next book while sitting on the couch. They are priced cheaper than the physical books and many, many titles are available for free. It bookmarks itself, it looks up words you don’t know and even lets you archive the title away when you’ve finished reading it. No overdue book fees (hi, Lincoln City Libraries, yes I know I have fees and no, I don’t plan to pay them until it’s worth paying for) or a race to finish before they’re due.

And I wanted one.

Bad enough that Captain Consumer Reports (read: Fred) researched the best one to fit ME. Not him, or the collective “us” – but ME. And what did I get for my birthday?

The Barnes & Noble nook.
I upgraded to a lime green back.
Created a case. (of course!)

And I am in love.
L - O - V - E, LOVE.


Rachel said...

thanks for the link! I like that the chains move too.

and I'm skeptical about the e-readers. Do they smell like a book?

Ashley said...

I totally want one!