Monday, May 10, 2010

The Mothers in My Life

I'm a day late for Mother's Day.
I was entirely to busy doing NOTHING to be bothered.

We didn't get around to gifts this year of any kind but I did manage to give my biological mother a quick call - so I'm not a total loser.

The only mothers I haven't yet said "thanks for being a mother" to are the non-biological mothers I've experienced over the years:

Aunt Donna. My "Lincoln Mom" (until, of course, she ditched us all for Omaha) took me in and treated me as one of her own when I first moved back to Nebraska. She also gives out full-size, name brand candy bars for Halloween.

Fred's Grandma Judy. She is - hands down - the best Christmas Letter Writer I've ever known. Thoughtful, witty and honest. She also keeps a journal and writes in it daily... and has no problem looking stuff up solely for the satisfaction of proving someone wrong.

Terri at New Mexico State. For hovering over me during my stint at college there, making Thanksgiving Dinner, picking me up from the ER and comforting me when my grandparents got put in the nursing home miles and miles away.

Jen and Stacey. For all of the invaluable advice. On everything. And for not being afraid to tell me when to shut up.

Cindy. Technically, my mother-in-law, she is my Tecumseh Mom who treats me like another daughter and has welcomed me to the family ever since the day I fell off the dining room chair. She also makes corn casserole and Texas sheet cake. For all occasions. Or no occasion.

Mother****** Who Cut Me Off. Driving home from work with a wee baby in the backseat, I'm glad you cut me off - and even more glad I was able to swerve, spin and stop in time - because I learned 1) to appreciate the little human in the backseat that much more and 2) to be more cautious at intersections even when I have the green light you blind %*#(@)*#!!. I mean, really, did you not see my shiny red car barrelling down the highway? And why - you pompous jerk - did you smile at me as I nearly jumped the curb after spinning around? And why - you arrogant wiener - did you not even tap your brakes to make sure I was okay? Did you even care? Did you care that I was so shaken up that I bawled the entire #%^&(@^ way home? I hate you!

... oops got a little off track there.
Point being, I love all the Mommas in my life.

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